The That’s Not My series by Usborne Books & More is the most beloved series of books for babies and toddlers. They offer repetitive text that engages young children while introducing texture words all with the help of a sweet little mouse who is on a search to find his specific friend.

There is a That’s Not My.. book for just about every interest and animal you can think of including airplanes, trains, princess, unicorn, fairy, lion, puppy, and so many more. With all the variety to choose from, sometimes it can be tricky to pick out new That’s Not My books to add to your collection.

The first one or two titles are usually a cinch – you’ll want to pick the topic your little one most loves. For us, that was planes and lions – they were a huge hit! But once you see a That’s Not My book, you’ll understand why you might want to add additional titles to your growing library, they’re just such fantastic books!

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We’re sharing today our list of our 10 favorite Usborne That’s Not My books. When you’re searching for your next title, consider one of these fan-favorites and best-sellers to get you started.

10 Favorite Usborne That’s Not My Books

  1. That’s Not My Puppy
  2. That’s Not My Unicorn — This title is the #1 best-seller of the That’s Not My series – See all the Best Usborne Books!! 
  3. That’s Not My Dolly
  4. That’s Not My Train
  5. That’s Not My Princess
  6. That’s Not My SnowmanThe Christmas favorite and best-seller!
  7. That’s Not My Pony
  8. That’s Not My Lamb — The Easter best Usborne book & favorite!
  9. That’s Not My Monster
  10. That’s Not My Lion

I’m always curious to hear how people picked out their first few Usborne That’s Not My books from the series. After our first few, our focus became finding a variety of textures!

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Go browse the over 50 That’s Not My titles on my Usborne Books & More shopping site to find your new favorite to add to your library.

What’s your family’s favorite That’s Not My… series book?